Barkingside Art Club is an exciting venture designed to bring us closer together as a community. The club provides a supportive, inclusive space for local creatives, artists and art lovers to meet regularly, share ideas and create. Our club gives adults and children the opportunity to expand their skills and knowledge of art, both through our regular workshops and special events.


Our workshops have served adults as social or therapeutic retreats and as intense learning sessions. Our children’s workshops have helped children express themselves and make great strides in developing their artistic skills. Our principles are founded on inclusion, so our sessions are inclusive of people with SEN (Special Education Needs) and learning difficulties. We have helped many children with SEN become more involved in art and develop confidence. Our artistic approach to teaching and learning is focused on using art for a good cause, and building a creative local community.

We also provide a platform for these creative skills to be proudly shared with the world, via our Group Exhibitions which showcase the work of our creatives. We also host workshops during national events such as The Big Draw and Lumiere London – UK’s biggest light festival, always take opportunities for local events such as Fabula Festival. We also run pop up corporate workshops with businesses, and collaborate with non-profit organisations. As well as organising after school clubs with local schools.

For more information on our past projects have a look at our News page! If your business, charity, school or organisation is lacking in colour, we are also open for collaborations! Please go to our Contact page and get in touch, then we can send you a proposal package and plan workshop for you or you organisation!

Getting the community involved in the arts is always important - so we offer creatives the opportunity to teach at workshops, we always welcome anyone who wants to volunteer their time and help others flourish through creatives activities. Our workshops provide a friendly and enriching environment which promotes collaboration between people of all ages and backgrounds.

'From my personal...

... journey and experiences, I have learnt that it is very difficult to find social clubs and events who believe in inclusion, for children who have autism and others on the spectrum. I found it particularly difficult to find suitable and understanding assistance within mainstream schools. I also found that the local area is lacking in opportunities for artists. Artists and creatives needed a place to collaborate, exhibit their work and develop their craft. This encouraged me to create my own club which provides opportunities for artists and workshops to assist parents and children who are going through a similar situation. The club's aim is to bring local creatives, artists and businesses together to collaborate with one another and to educate them on the subject of SEN. Local creatives will also be given the opportunity to volunteer in helping children with SEN learn through creative activities or the skills they have to offer.”

- Eliyah Qureshi