Adult Art Workshop Abstract


Adult Art Workshop Abstract

from 20.00

‘Everyone is an artist’ – Joseph Beuys 


Whether you have never drawn more than a stick man, or you have been practicing for years, our adult art workshops are open to all! 

With close guidance from the Founder of BAC and a practicing artist Eliyah Qureshi and her team, you can unleash your creativity and discover the many ways in which art can change our daily lives. Arts and crafts have the potential to not only expand into freelance or business opportunities, or to wind down our minds with meditative creation which stimulates the sense, but also to simply have fun and look at the world in a creative way. 

Our sessions provide an open, accepting environment which encourages collaboration and conversation so you are more than welcome to come with friends and meet people who also have an appreciation for all things visual! 


The themes of our workshops are divided into blocks of three sessions, each block exploring a different aspect of art or craft. Although we encourage booking a whole block to truly get to grips with our chosen material or technique, you can also pop in for a single session, for example if you feel the urge to wind down after a long day. Our upcoming blocks are as follows: 

Block 1: Printmaking 
Via a variety of techniques like mono printing, linocut printing we will be learning how to transform found imagery or objects into designs and patterns. By printing on a variety of surfaces and experimenting with our designs we will learn of the potential of printmaking for product design, home décor and pattern design.

Block 1: Abstract Painting

Step out of your comfort zone to find your comfort zone! The abstract painting block is all about expression and trusting your instincts, we will learn the importance contrast, value and repetition. We will also discuss the importance of colour mixing, working with a limited palette, mark making and brush techniques, as well as exploring your personal style.

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