Portfolio Weekend Art Club (11-16 years)


Portfolio Weekend Art Club (11-16 years)

from 10.00

Our Weekend Workshops are great opportunities for children to learn and practice a variety of art techniques using an extensive range of materials. Taught with close guidance, through classic and contemporary art making techniques.

Our classes cover but are not limited to: drawing (graphite, pencil, sharpie, water colour pencils, pastels) painting (acrylics, watercolour, ink) printing (relief printing, linocut, mono-printing, screen printing) and mixed media (collage, digital art, projector).

These workshops happed every Sunday (excluding half terms) at 15:30 - 5:00 pm for ages 11-16 years in Fullwell Cross Library, Fairlop Room. Our principles are founded on inclusion so children with SEN and learning difficulties are always welcome. We encourage parents to book in a block as that allows for consistent development in technique – but you are always welcome to pop in for a single session too! At the end of each term we organise a small exhibition so we can admire all of the work produced together!