We admire and support other organisations with a similar ethos and belief that creativity has the power to connect us, regardless of age, background or abilities! 

We welcome opportunities to collaborate and work with others who understand and want to support the creative development of children and share our passion for art education. 

We can design and deliver projects and workshops at your organisation, exchange services or create something incredible and new together. We’re especially excited to work with SEN children as part of our Art for a Cause initiative and young people who would benefit from hands on experience by volunteering with us under our Young Minds programme. 

Here are just a few ideas for collaborative projects: 

  • art and craft festival 

  • family workshops 

  • community sculpture project 

  • art exhibition 

  • art fundraising event 

  • mural painting 

For more information on our past projects have a look at our News page. If you would like to create something with us please go to our Contact page and get in touch.