Easter Holiday Art Club

‘Creative Flow’ 

The bunnies are hatching and the eggs are hopping! Wait a minute... the eggs are hatching and the bunnies are hopping! That’s right, spring is finally here!
Barkingside Art Club is opening its doors for children aged 4-16 to join Eliyah Qureshi and her team, for 3 days of workshops where we will be experimenting with painting, printmaking and clay in a state of creative flow.

Although each session has a focus medium (painting, printing or clay) we will also be drawing and sketchbook making during our sessions to gain a better understanding of space, colour and line.

Each session of the day will run for a total of 3 hours 30 minutes with a lunch break in between the first and second half of the workshop, from 11am to 2.30pm, at Fullwell Cross Library.

Please bring a packed lunch as we will only be able to provide light snacks.

— Book through Hoop here

We ensure that your child will develop their artistic skills and have an enriching experience. Our principles are founded on inclusion, so our sessions are also inclusive of children with SEN and learning difficulties, the library is also wheelchair accessible but if you have any other accessibility requirements please get in touch!


DAY 1 (10th of april)


Inspired by David Hockney Landscapes – experimenting with different painting techniques and styles, from watercolour to acrylic, we will let the paint flow on canvases and papers.


DAY 2 (11th of april) 

With a selection of printmaking stations from mono printing to linocut, we will create Robert Rauschenberg inspired artworks by juxtaposing recycled materials collage and printmaking techniques.



DAY 3 (12th of april)

Learning about clay techniques to create our very own ceramic creatures. We will take our imagination out for a stroll with some experimental sculpting techniques using clay and recycled materials, inspired by the funky sculptures of Joan Miro.