February Half-term Art Workshops

‘Creative Medley’ 

Join us this February half term to experience a Creative Medley!

Barkingside Art Club is opening its doors for children aged 4-16 to join Eliyah Qureshi and her team, as well as guest artists for a 3 day workshops where we will be dabbling our paint covered fingers into a variety of activities, from poetry to painting, zine making to photo taking, there is something for everyone!

Each session of the day will run for 3 hours 30 minutes with a break in between the first and second half of the workshop, from 11am to 2:30pm, at Fullwell Cross Library.

We ensure that your child will develop their artistic skills and have an enriching experience. Our principles are founded on inclusion, so our sessions are also inclusive of children with SEN and learning difficulties, if you have any special accessibility requirements please get in touch!

Children needs to bring packed lunch

(we will be able to provide water and light snacks)  

Beli Heredero 02 copy.jpg

DAY 1 (19th of February)


We will be making our own clay necklaces, working with common objects as still life references and painting them in the afternoon. This workshop is inspired by the work of Beli Heredero. Then we will be working again from still life and photographs to create unique pieces by pay(int)ing attention to composition and style.

Image by  Lewie Magarshack

DAY 2 (20th of February) 

I’m a poet, and I know it! We will be joined by guest artists Lewie and Marta, who will show us how to create poetry using word collage by responding to live piano music provided by the talented Chameli. We will be learning about stanzas, rhyme and beat in poetry and how to use them to express ourselves with words! Then, we will use our poems to create a visual narrative in the form of a zine – we will learn about how to co-ordinate words and images to reflect each other and emphasise their meaning, using mixed media and experimental image making.


Image by  Rachel Stanley

DAY 3 (21st of February)

On the last day, our older participants will be learning about photography with our guest artist Rachel, who will be showing us the fundamentals of photography as well as talking about photography theory and what to pay attention to when taking photos. Our younger participants will be creating their own photo-booths, transforming their surroundings using hand-made frames and having their photo taken in their own imagination land. We will finish the day off with our guest Shahana Yasmin who will be teaching us how to do the cat and cow at her art yoga session.