Exhibition at Fullwell Cross Library

This year, local artist Eliyah Qureshi launched Barkingside Art Club, a venture deigned to bring us closer together as a community by providing supportive spaces for local creatives and working together with local businesses. The club organises art events, workshops and meet-ups. Eliyah also launched ‘Art For a Cause’, a non-profit organisation which raises funds to go towards benefiting children with special education needs by providing them with free art workshops.
On October 21st, Eliyah Qureshi organised the national event, The Big Draw at Fullwell Cross Library. Eliyah also launched her first group art exhibition for the creatives who had registered with Barkingside Art Club and assisted us at the event. 

The events on the 21st had a wonderful turn-out and our hall in Fullwell Cross Library was filed with focused creatives and excited families creating art work. Asides from promoting art culture, one of main focuses of the event was to promote the idea of inclusion. This was a great success as several autistic children attended with their families and had a wonderful time creating art work. They were given a great social environment thereby strengthening out community ties. The children of Fullwood Primary school also helped by creating a large collage of jig saw pieces with art work on them to solve the issues behind inclusion. 

The event also included Barkingside Art Club’s first group art exhibition. The launch was very exciting for our creatives and their work is currently displayed at Fullwell Cross Library. It was a great addition to the day. 

I also had three business sponsors who attended and provided excellent services and helped to make this event a success. This included our main sponsor, Rich Hair salon who provided free makeup for parents with discount vouchers. Coffee Time provided us with exquisite food and drink throughout the day. Bubbly-O led fun and engaging art activities for children.