Adult Art Workshop
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Our Adult Art Workshops are designed to teach art techniques which are transferable and can be utilised in future ventures. We encourage participants to think about art and craft as disciplines with the potential to expand into freelance or business opportunities.

Each block of classes will focus on a selection of mediums and techniques, these skills will then be applied into creating products. Our classes cover but are not limited to: drawing (graphite, pencil, sharpie, water colour pencils, pastels) painting (acrylics, watercolour, ink) printing (relief printing, linocut, mono-printing, screen printing) and mixed media (collage, digital art, projector)

Each block of classes is divided into 3 sessions – each one continuing and building from the previous. For example: in our 1st session we will be creating botanical drawings from still life, in the 2nd session we will be transferring elements of these drawing onto Lino and learning printing techniques, in the 3rd session we will be learning how to utilise our Linocut prints to create products, which can then be sold.

Each block of adult art workshops will consist of 3 sessions, at £45 per block. We are offering 10% discount on all the block, take advantage of the concession.

Classes happen every Friday from 18:30 - 20:00 at Fullwell Cross Library, Fairlop Room, all materials are provided.

Our principles are founded on inclusion and diversity so adults with SEN and learning difficulties are always welcome.