The formation of this club is an exciting new venture designed to bring us closer together as a community. We understand that life can become quite hectic, and working alone can be physically and mentally draining; so we’re providing a space for local creatives and artists to meet regularly, network and collaborate with one another. Our members will be given the opportunity to exhibit their work in solo and group exhibitions.


Creatives who are members will also be given the opportunity to volunteer in helping children with SEN learn through creative activities. Assisting us in running workshops is one of the ways in which artists have helped in the past. Whilst many of our workshops are practical art sessions, we are open to creatives teaching other skills. Examples in the past have included learning to ride a bike and using henna - we are open to suggestions of any creative activity to enrich the lives of children! Artists who volunteer to teach in this inclusive club can use the space to exhibit their work in exchange for their valued time and effort.


Our inclusive meet-ups give creatives the opportunity to network and collaborate with other creatives on a regular basis. In the past, our members have been able to successfully work together on art projects and events. We welcome people from all walks of life, from painters to photographers. Each one of our workshops features an artist who introduces us to their artwork and innovative ideas.

As an art club we also provide sketchbooks for you to partake in our ‘Sketchbook Club’. This project is the perfect way to steadily refine your artistic craft.