Eliyah Qureshi

Title: 'Amy Winehouse', 2017

Medium: Acrylics on canvas
Prints available

Eliyah Qureshi is a visual artist who practices her art from her studio in East London. Eliyah’s work is about exploring concepts of beauty, courage and mental health conditions mainly via black pen, Indian ink and gold acrylic paint.

The work seeks to find authenticity within these subjects and the way they are represented. It is a journey into the relationship between conventional beauty, historical influences, and modern cosmetic surgery. Other pieces are a journey into the hardships of curing the incurable. From the female image to bees, the birds of the muses, Eliyah’s artwork is her reinterpretation of events inspired by her personal journey, comprising of concepts of beauty, health conditions and experimental works.

Eliyah regularly exhibits her work in group and solo exhibitions in galleries across the UK and internationally. She is often involved in national and community-based projects such as the E17 Art Trail and Big draw, as well as creating commissioned work for individuals, charities and companies.

Eliyah currently runs art classes for children and recently opened the Barkingside Art Club. The club's aim is to bring local creatives and artists to meet regularly, network, collaborate with one another and share ideas. It will be a friendly and enriching environment which will host workshops and exhibitions, thereby promoting each individual’s business. Local creatives will also be given the opportunity to volunteer in helping children with SEN learn through creative activities.