The Colourful


Medium: Watercolor pencils with black ink pen on recycled cotton rag paper

Nina Gore

Nina Gore’s artwork showcases her uniqueness and creativity. Keeping to her style of drawing traditional henna patterns and line work within her art, she produces intricate and elaborate free-hand pieces. This is done in her style using a range of different art forms such as Inks, pens, henna on paper and canvas and this gives her work a distinctive edge and a sense of beauty.

Nina has grown up with so much culture and traditions around her but was lucky enough to be surround by love and happiness and this was down to her family and their heritage (her father being Indian, her mother being a Parsi). Nina always had a passion for art and studied art & design but even before that she was a natural creative and loved drawing and applying henna on people during weddings.

Nina followed a more traditional upbringing, living at home until she got married and having a family. Only when her youngest daughter went to full time school she started to expand the roots of her talent. She sometimes thought ‘how casually doodling on a piece of card

changed her life’? It had and now it gives her satisfaction to know others are enjoying her art. Her inspiration came from her heritage and background, growing up with Bollywood, music, films, dance and just being a free spirit gave her that sense of style in her artwork. Also for Nina anything around her could inspire her…her moods, the weather, flowers, animals and people.

Her aim is to create affordable art with a traditional feel that appeals to a wide range of buyers from the general public to specialist collectors.

To read more about Nina and to follow her art, you can visit her website or check out her social media pages.

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