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Lumiere London Workshops

Lumiere London is the UK’s largest light festival which stretches its reach across the capital. UK artists reimagine London’s iconic architecture and streets, transforming the city into a dazzling nocturnal art exhibition.  Artist, Eliyah Qureshi has been chosen by London Borough of Redbridge to run workshops for Lumiere London’s ‘Bottle Festoon’. 

Eliyah Qureshi will run workshops where attendees will create dazzling chandeliers from plastic bottles to promote recycling and to benefit our planet.  The bottles will then be used for a luminous art installation being displayed around the River Thames and throughout Redbridge. 

To join us for this wonderful oppurtunity, email us at or

Barkingside Art Club is currently seeking out creatives to help us deliver these workshops.  If you’d like to be a part of this wonderful festival and give back to your local community, send us an email detailing your interest and previous experience.